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Traditional Braces – Sweeny, TX

We Straighten Smiles and Improve Dental Health

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Traditional metal braces have been used for hundreds of years to straighten teeth, correct bite problems, and maintain good dental health. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, it’s never too soon or late to treat your orthodontic issues. That’s why Dr. Funk offers individualized orthodontic treatment to patients of all ages to help them preserve and maintain their smiles. Traditional metal braces in Sweeny can be used to fix minor or complex orthodontic issues by gradually and gently shifting your teeth into their ideal positions. To learn more about the process and whether you’re a good fit, schedule a consultation today!

Why Choose Sweeny Family Dental For Traditional Braces?

  • Experienced Dentist
  • Treating Patients of All Ages
  • Comprehensive Dental Care

Why Should You Straighten Your Teeth?

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Typically, Dr. Funk only recommends braces for patients who suffer from minor to complex orthodontic problems that have an impact on their oral health or everyday life. They’re an incredibly versatile treatment that can be used in a variety of situations besides to just straighten teeth in Sweeny, including to:

  • Correct bite misalignment
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Fix chewing and speech issues
  • Straighten crowded teeth

Even though these problems may not be causing you to worry right now, it’s important to address them before they cause more serious issues down the road that can result in permanent damage. With straighter teeth, there will be fewer nooks and crannies for harmful oral bacteria to hide in, resulting in fewer cavities and a reduced risk of periodontal disease.

How Do Traditional Braces Work?

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Traditional braces are able to move your teeth by placing a continuous amount of pressure on them to help shift them into their ideal positions. Gradually, the shape of your jaw will adapt to the force being placed on your teeth, fixing orthodontic issues.

There are several parts of traditional braces, including brackets and archwires. After your teeth have been cleaned and dried, your dentist in Sweeny, Dr. Funk, will glue metal brackets to your teeth to make it possible to place pressure on them and fix misalignment and crowding issues. He’ll then connect archwires to the brackets, which are typically made of stainless steel. You shouldn’t feel pain while your braces are being installed, but it may take you awhile to get used to having these metal components in your mouth.

Throughout your treatment, you’ll need to have your braces tightened as your braces become less taut. That way, your braces won’t lose their effectiveness and they’ll continue to shift your teeth into place. This will carry on throughout the duration of your treatment until you have them taken off.

Who Is a Good Candidate For Traditional Orthodontics?

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The best candidate for braces are patients who suffer from dental crowding, gaps between teeth, bite problems, and rotated teeth. Dr. Funk can determine whether you’ll be able to benefit from the treatment when you visit him for an initial consultation. He’ll capture images of your mouth and examine your teeth before developing a customized treatment timeline so you know what to expect. To schedule your appointment, just contact our office today!

Understanding the Cost of Traditional Braces

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So, you’re seriously considering metal braces for your teeth. That’s great news! This treatment can turn your crooked smile into a straight one in a year or two. Even so, you might want to know first about the cost of traditional braces in Sweeny. The truth, though, is that braces’ price varies; different clients have different needs. Fortunately, Sweeny Family Dental can give you a treatment estimate during your consultation. In the meantime, though, you can always call our office to learn more details.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Traditional Braces

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Since patients can have distinct misalignment issues, braces’ cost often differs from one person to the next. In particular, the price of your treatment will depend on factors like:

  • Your Misalignment’s Severity – If your braces need to move your teeth a lot, they’ll take longer to work. A lengthy treatment timeline, in turn, will make the appliance more expensive.
  • Your Age – A child’s teeth are malleable and easier to move around. In contrast, adult teeth are more firmly set in your jaw and thus take more time to move. The latter, therefore, tend to have longer and costlier treatments.
  • Orthodontic Accessories – You’ll pay more for braces if you need extra accessories or tools. These might include space maintainers, palatal expanders, elastics, etc.
  • Treatment Compliance – If you need to wear elastics on your braces yet fail to do so, your teeth won’t move as planned. Treatment will then take longer.

Professional Braces vs. “DIY” Braces: Which Costs More?

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Technically, so-called “DIY” braces have a lower upfront cost. However, they tend to do more harm in the long run.

For starters, DIY braces don’t produce effective long-term results. They might move your teeth quicker than regular ones at first, but they’re likely to let your pearly whites shift back over time. There’s even a good chance the DIY braces will accidentally move your teeth in undesirable directions.


Money-wise, “DIY” braces usually prove more expensive overall. They could harm your oral health, meaning you’d need to see Dr. Funk for costly repairs. The correction could even involve wearing traditional braces anyway.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Braces?

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As it turns out, only some dental insurance plans offer coverage for orthodontics. Still, they are more likely to cover traditional braces than clear aligners. If you do qualify for coverage, in fact, your provider could pay up to 50% of the treatment’s price. On the other hand, be mindful that many plans only cover braces when the patient is under 18 years old.

Given these facts, then, confirm things with your insurance provider first. We’d be happy to assist if you need help with that process!

Options for Making Braces Affordable

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In the event you don’t have dental insurance, don’t panic. There are still other ways to make braces affordable! In particular, our office accepts flexible financing with CareCredit. That way, our patients can pay for procedures with low-interest monthly installments. Better yet, you could make these payments according to the month-based plan that works for you.

As you can see, Sweeny Family Dental will do whatever it can to help you with braces. Of course, said help includes support for the treatment’s cost! Thus don’t hesitate to call us and book a consultation with Dr. Funk and the rest of the team!