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Orthodontics/Braces – Sweeny, TX

Straighter Teeth Made Easy

Woman looking at smile in mirror

Straightening the teeth can not only make them look much more attractive, but it can provide a big boost to someone’s oral health as well. Properly aligned teeth are much easier to clean and maintain, drastically lowering a person’s risk for cavities and gum disease over time. At Sweeny Family Dental, we have orthodontic options that are perfect for patients of all ages, so whether your child could benefit from braces or you want to straighten your own teeth, Dr. Funk has exactly what you need! To learn more about your options for orthodontics and braces in Sweeny, TX and schedule a consultation, contact us today.

Why Choose Sweeny Family Dental for Orthodontics/Braces?

  • Treatments for children & adults available
  • Invisalign: Straighter teeth without metal brackets & wires
  • Can correct crooked, crowded, & gapped teeth

Traditional Orthodontics

Young boy with braces

Traditional metal braces are still the most reliable, durable, and affordable orthodontic treatment available today, able to correct simple and complex alignment problems in the teeth and jaw with ease. They work the same trusted way—a wire held in place by brackets on the teeth applies a small but consistent force to gradually move the teeth—but they have thankfully gotten a cosmetic makeover over the years, giving them a much more subtle appearance that helps them better blend into the smile.

Learn More About Traditional Braces

Invisalign® Clear Braces

Woman placing Invisalign tray

Invisalign was designed with adults in mind. Instead of metal brackets and wires, it moves the teeth using a series of custom-made clear plastic aligner trays. They are so discreet looking that no one will notice you’re using Invisalign unless you tell them, letting you smile with confidence throughout treatment. Plus, the trays are easily removable, so patients can easily maintain their normal diet and oral hygiene routine as well!

Learn More About Invisalign® Clear Braces

Orthodontic Relapse Treatment

Woman with flawless smile

Did you have braces when you were a child, but your teeth have started to move again? Sometimes, it’s possible for the teeth to start shifting back into their original positions even if a patient consistently wore a retainer when they were young. Thankfully, Dr. Funk can provide retreatment for patients in this situation so they can get their best smile back with minimal effort and keep it that way.

Learn More About Orthodontic Relapse